Located in a destination Casino Hotel, the restaurant is designed as a calming oasis in contrast to the high energy of the gaming floor. The space is defined by its bright atmosphere and restrained palette of warm natural materials. A sun-bleached wooden boardwalk welcomes patrons to the round zinc bar and the restaurant, without a door, reveals itself beyond. Taking cues from Mediterranean seaside architecture, the walls are finished with textured white plaster. The floor of the main dining room is a sand colored concrete and is flanked on both sides by travertine terraces. The lush upholstery of the extensive banquettes is a splash of blue sea. White painted and weathered woods provide a handmade tactility to the furniture and to the ceilings. Scattered throughout the space are working displays including rosemary planters, preserved lemons, spice jars, olive oil, wine and fire wood to feed the grills. Perhaps the most important display is of the act of cooking itself. A zinc-clad chef’s counter is front and center of the main dining room. It is framed by a working seafood display but the centerpiece is the wood fired cooking equipment.

For more info, visit: www.greysalt-restaurant.com